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Since I don't know who follows this - from my facebook, something good from a friend of mine. This is the text from the official page we set up:

Hello friends! 
Carolyn Wolfe, a former resident of the the East Village, was scheduled to run her first marathon this year, and as luck would have it - she got into the NYC Marathon! She's been training for the marathon, and carb loading all week, despite misgivings about the appropriateness of running with all the destruction happening and STILL happening in New York City's 5 boroughs. 


lly, the city cancelled the marathon in order to focus relief efforts on cleanup and recovery. Carolyn is still going to run, though, in her current town of Danbury, CT. 

Several friends have pledged to donate $26.2 to any charity working on legitimate relief efforts for hurricane Sandy victims. Please join us in pledging, and share links to the charities to which you will be donating. 

Carolyn will post a photo when she completes her run tomorrow, and friends along the route are encouraged to update when she passes by!

Follow the progress here: https://www.facebook.com/CarolynRunsForNyc or on twitter by following #carolynruns and #run4nyc

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I recently pared down my flist quite a bit. if you didn't make the cut, rest assured it was nothing personal. I just needed a bit more mental space. If you really want to be here, though, please comment below, and we can consider it.

If you are new around here, likewise with the commenting.


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